Full program

Full program

View the full program here: Final_Program_VNOP_14_05_2018

Erratum Printed program:
Room changes

  • All sessions scheduled in the “Kleine Veerzaal” now take place in the “Ir Haakzaal”.


  • FT1A.2 (Fenneke Verberg) has been cancelled.
  • FT1B.1 (Evelien Broekhof) has been cancelled.
  • FT2A.4 (Sara Pieters) has been cancelled.
  • Presentation S3B.1 (Sibel Altikulac) has been cancelled.

Presenter changes

  • FT1B.4, originally presented by Loren Vandenbroucke, is now presented by Nikki Lee, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • S2A.3, originally presented by Magali van de Walle, is now presented by Flore Geukens, KU Leuven.
  • S4C.3, originally titled “Observed dyadic language complexity of mothers and fathers and child language comprehension at age 5” by Rianne Kok, Erasmus University Rotterdam, has been replaced with “Observed sensitivity in early childhood and academic achievement in early adolescence: Different influences of mother and father?” by Nicole Lucassen, Erasmus University Rotterdam. See the online program for the new abstract.
  • P1.1, originally presented by Janna Marie Bas-Hoogendam, is now presented by Michiel Westendorp.
  • P2.9, originally presented by Sterre Simons, is now presented by Kelly Cooijmans.


  • S1C chair is Savannah Boele, not Loes Keijsers.